Antonio Saporito, Instinctive abstractionist

In my opinion, Antonio Saporito is not an artist but a designer, a worth one. The acquaintance and cordiality we have been sharing for years allows me to express this judgment, which also, I always have personally conveyed to him. And, still in my humble but firm opinion, this is an "upgrade", not a diminutio. Because not only being a quality designer is uneasy in today's world, where interiors are more and more demanding in terms of decorative quality, one also needs sensitivity and a perspective of tastes that only few have.

Geometric study, 2009, Acrylic and collage on aluminum, 40 x 50 cm, Archives b-n 75

Curiosità di un percorso, Curiosity of a path, 2001, Acrylic enamel and collage technique on aluminium, 120x80x5 cm

If we look at the canvas works from the first phase of Antonio Saporito's career, we can find echoes of Lilloni’s Chiarismo, or Tobey and Richter’s Informalism: excellent execution, but nothing innovative. Conversely this does not apply to the metal plate works, part of the Master’s most mature and moreover known period.

Instinctive abstractionist, Antonio Saporito knows how to evoke the spatial partitions of Malevich and Kandinsky in a convincing personal way, especially when he does not indulge in the research for golden proportions of difficult solution. When he "lets go of his hand" (or rather the drill, as in his last lead works), his works assume extremely solid characteristics even from a conceptual point of view, condicio sine qua non to be inserted in the context of an appropriate aesthetic for nowadays and probably even for the future.

Paolo Turati