The result of pure geometric abstraction, it represents a play between mass, voids and volumes

At the inauguration of the spatial sculpture Planet Mars, located at the Parco Italia, near the Meier bridge was Dr. Giorgia Cassini

At the inauguration of the spatial sculpture Planet Mars, located at the Parco Italia, near the Meier bridge in Alessandria was Dr. Giorgia Cassini who had already introduced in the Contemporay Artists transmission, the prototype of the work and the future location of this at the Maier Bridge.

"A significant work, rewarding for the ascending nature, facing upwards, towards the cosmic space. Built in steel, the result of pure geometric abstraction, it represents a play between mass, voids and volumes, iconographic model of the entire production of the master Saporito, painter, constructivist sculptor. " See more...

Giorgia Cassini, former director of the Italian Pavilion at the Biennale of Venice

Here you can find art reviews on Antonio Saporito by Giorgia Cassini, published on the editions of the catalogs dedicated to the works of Antonio Saporito. (ANTONIO SAPORITO, Spatial ideas and steel mutations, LITOGRAF, Rosta (Turin), 2018)

The cosmic space of Antonio Saporito

Authoritative interpreter of contemporary art Antonio Saporito has a unique stylistic figure, revealed through the use of low-ductile materials. Through a peculiar work that originates from his great technical and instrumental knowledge, the Master realizes metal paintings on perforated and colored steel plates, works in lead plate, assemblages in copper, aluminum, brass, sponge and materials more varied.

A precious material, especially used in jewelry, difficult to work, prevails over all of them. It is specially treated in England and then worked in his artist's studio, where he starts from the preparatory drawing on paper and then transfers it with great accuracy. expertise on other materials through consecutive steps ranging from the preparation of punching to perforations, to real cuts, to color insertions.

In his creations, whether paintings or sculptures, the sensations that we can experience in everyday life emerge, but which is transfigured with technical and aesthetic skill through his logic and his artistic inspiration.

For example, in the acrylic work and collage on aluminum "New York city" as in the one in red steel "Sotto la luna" he has in fact developed a personal concept of architectural simulation. It is a series of skyscrapers framing almost invariably silhouetted upwards to expand the known space, where architectural structures become a sort of story suspended on the meaning of home, shelter, projects and aspirations.

Prospectus, 2008, gray steel, 70.7x44.7, archive n.129

Prospetto, Prospectus, 2008, gray steel, 70.7x44.7, archive n.129

In "Prospetto", in "Disegno di facciata", in "La Facciata" it is instead an architectural and structural abstraction applied by the fragmentation of the image in many small geometric planes (the window module) constituting a very rational and shines in the purity of its proportions. The translucent planes of steel make construction a refined mental exercise of absolute simultaneity of image and thought.

Substantially, Saporito formulates the poetics of a new spatialism understood as a fusion of subjectivity and objectivity that often makes use of the reiteration of the image ordered with precision in space. Saporito aspires to the universal and his spatialism is closely related to the absolute formal invention.

His works are constituted order, they are a priori logic in the appropriate construction of combinations, in composing one piece after another a meaningful image. It is the contemporary interpretation of assemblage: different materials juxtaposed with a logical preconception and at the same time charged with emotionality in the call to a cosmic and / or primordial reality ("Scudo Spaziale", "Costellazione").

Flying saucer, 2014, lead and acrylic, 40x50 cm, archive bn 245

Disco volante, Flying saucer, 2014, lead and acrylic, 40x50 cm, archive bn 245

The art of Antonio Saporito calls into question our idea of space-time opting for a conceptual revision in the artistic field, implemented through the use of an extraordinarily effective construction language. His works "Disco Volante", "Ufo dallo spazio", "Macchine Spaziali Luminose" are personal explorations between present and future that exceed the known and established boundaries of space and time, exposing a great variety of real or imaginary alternatives.

The technical mastery allows Saporito to define the picture with few elements: acrylic enamel and collage on copper, aluminum or brass together constitute a plastic structure with harmonies and rhythms. Developing these formal elements, it comes with mature awareness, to constructions of works of art where every floor and every form is modulated with accurate rhythmic and timbral elegance (“Spirale”, “Scultura spirale”, “Forma geometrica”).

The fragmentation of the image in many geometric planes is not so much used to analyze the intimate structure of the object, as to suggest a simplified image in an anti-naturalistic sense or abstract (“La recinzione”, “La scala”). Cuts and perforations, collages and assemblages studied as simple "signs", ie only in the volumetric and linear relationships that they create in their mutual dispositions.

The variety of materials used and the ignitions of color shattered in the continuous play of shapes, accentuate the expressive value of those ascensional rhythms that are prolonged in the open space (“Verso lo spazio”, “Solcare lo spazio”) or direct to an anecdotal reading imbued with symbolic implications (“La grande piramide composizione geometrica con clessidra”, “Progetto comunicativo”, “Curiosità di un percorso”, “Grande occhio”, “L’occhio spia”).

Curiosity of a path, 2001, Acrylic enamel and collage technique on aluminium, 120x80x5 cm

Curiosity of a path, 2001

Acrylic enamel and collage technique on aluminium

120x80x5 cm

Saporito designs in space, takes advantage of the space, makes use of it in the positive concreteness of its relations with the plastic elements of the composition. Saporito is a constructivist painter-sculptor who creates the work of art with the clear distinction between the "volumes of the mass" and the "volumes of space", understood as two different plastic materials, both concrete and measurable. Substantially, Saporito feels the need to compose the work of art within a composed and constructed spatialism, but at the same time a result of intense sensibility.

Giorgia Cassini