Dream Art

Antonio Saporito will present his works at the Salvador Dali Museum in Berlin, from the works of perforated steel plates, the last works of sheet lead, to the assemblies of steel, sponge and various materials with which the artist elaborates from a long time an absolutely personal and unique message.

Inauguration Opening Vernissage Inauguración: 09/18/2015 h. 18 - Time: 10-20

Salvador Dali Museum, Leipziger Platz 7 - BERLIN

Contemporary Art in Berlin, for Berlin Art Week, DREAM ART, group exhibition in which were presented at the Berlin public some modern abstract paintings of Antonio Saporito's modern abstract art.

The Salvador Dali Museum is located at Potsdamer Platz, in the center of Berlin, area of culture and art in Berlin. The exhibition, hosted in the rooms of the Dalí Museum, has added to the masterpieces of Salvador Dali and other works of masters of the 900, several works of selected modern abstract painters.

Dream Art “Masterpieces of Art in '900 and contemporary art " was an international exhibition of modern and contemporary visual arts organized by Folco Gallery in collaboration with “Italian Art - The best of the culture and of the Made in Italy" and the MIIT Italian Art International Museum with numerous institutional partners and international museums.

Objective of the exhibition is to promote, enhance and appreciate best italian contemporary artists abroad, involving collectors, enthusiasts and tourists from all around the world.

Italian Art, in its international circuit, allowed to appreciate and collect paintings of the best Italian artists in Prague, Paris, Copenhagen, London, Cologne, Bonn, Baden-Baden, Sofia, Chicago, Miami, New York, Berlin and, through the magazine "Italia Arte" in all the world, in the most important Italian cultural institutes, museums, foundations, galleries, academies, libraries, public and private companies.