Antonio Saporito’s Biography

Ufo from space lead, aluminum and acrylic on masonite 40x50 2015

Ufo from space lead, aluminum and acrylic on masonite 40x50 2015

An Italian contemporary artist

Contemporary, innovative and multifaceted sculptor and abstract painter, active in Turin since the 1970s, Antonio Saporito was born in Rocchetta Sant'Antonio in the province of Foggia, in 1940.


His artistic training is influenced by the modern and contemporary figurative art of the 60s, by some artists of those years: Ennio Morlotti, Franco Rognoni, Ennio Calabria, Ugo Nespolo and the masters of Italian Arte Povera.


The meeting with Lucio Fontana in 1962 was particularly significant for Antonio Saporito. At that time, in Lucio Fontana's studio you could admire works such as the “Metalli” series, which were torn steel or brass slabs. The meetings with Lucio Fontana and the reflection on his work, specially mark the development of Antonio Saporito's artistic research.

".[...] The turning point of my artistic life began in those moments. After several attempts on fire-etched cathedral glass, the etching, the theme of copper spirals, the pens series, and the figurative oil on canvas, I could experience what master Lucio Fontana explained to me about spatial abstraction. All this led me to my main theme, which I produce with steel, aluminum and lead." A. Saporito


The Geometric Spatialism of Antonio Saporito is an original and unique research of an ideal and spiritual language, connoted by an uplifting system; soft, yet strongly anchored to the material.

Cut, shaped and perforated with surgical and geometric rigor, it represents the synthesis of Saporito's art. Steel, aluminum, copper and lead are wisely transformed into labyrinths of carved signs, to reveal the beyond behind the material. The rigor and the essence that characterize his works become elements to transcend reality, to look and scan what exists beyond the appearance, in constant search of the unknown, of the future, of the unreachable mystery of the human being.

Geometric sculpture, Antonio Saporito

Geometric sculpture, 1997. Green steel, Green steel Technique. 74.5x39.5 cm

Abtract Drawing, Antonio Saporito

Abstract Drawing, 2009, Enamel and collage on aluminum, 40 x 50 cm, Archive n. b-n76

Antonio Saporito, contemporary Italian artist

The artworks of Antonio Saporito, contemporary Italian artist, built in steel cold matter on which the contribution of colored enamels and overlapping fragments and geometrically make a visual narrative of rigorous and austere beauty, expressed in an abstraction seemingly immediate, and in the transition from figurative to abstract art are part of the guidelines of constructivism.

If his visual experimentation appears marked by a penalty which does not seem to have time for imagination, actually this artist expresses emotions and thoughts that become signs and matter.

The reference to Euclidean geometry is thus reworked into imaginative key and even playful, an abstraction very strictly and, in certain cases, accompanied by decidedly expressionist pages marked by a vibrant chromaticism, marked by an incisive sign and ironclad.

Initially close to the lesson of Ennio Calabria, Ugo Nespolo and Franco Rognoni, Saporito has been able to interpret their language reaching its own and unquestionable personality that has been highlighted by critics like Paul Levi, Gian Giorgio Massara, Vittorio Sgarbi, Angelo Mistrangelo, Guido Folco, Luciano Carini, Massimo Centini, Giulia Silato.

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