Abstract and Geometric Space Art of Antonio Saporito is an original and unique research of an ideal and spiritual language, connoted by an uplifting system; soft, yet strongly anchored to the material. Cut, shaped and perforated with surgical and geometric rigor, represents the synthesis of Saporito's art. Steel, aluminum, copper and lead are wisely transformed into labyrinths of carved signs, to reveal the beyond behind the material. The rigor and the essence that characterize his works become elements to transcend reality, to look and scan what exists beyond the appearance, in constant search of the unknown, of the future, of the unreachable mystery of the human being.

Planet Mars contemporary sculpture Meier bridge Alessandria

Monumental spatial sculpture Planet Mars

Located near Meier Bridge in Alessandria, Italy, the monumental abstract sculpture (6 x 2 metres) was made available to the City of Alessandria by the Cassa di Risparmio di Alessandria Foundation, represented by the president Pier Angelo Taverna, on the occasion of the celebrations for the 850th anniversary of the City (1168-2018). During the inaugural speech, the Mayor Gianfranco Cuttica of Revigliasco, present at the inauguration, declared himself proud of the installation of the spatial sculpture that, together with the new Meier bridge, represents for Alessandria a hymn to the future.

The Master Antonio Saporito with great satisfaction, thanking the Foundation, the President Taverna, the Cuttica Mayor and the City of Alessandria, comments on his spatial sculpture and explains the "space" that he means and wants to represent with the Planet Mars.


Sculptor and Abstract Painter

From Figurative Painting to Geometric Space Art

In the continuous search for the unknowable, the future, the unattainable mystery of man, Antonio Saporito is recognized today as the undisputed master of the contemporary. Coherent with his style, he embraced a formal idea of art, starting, in the '70s, his path towards geometric spatial abstraction.


"Man and history have never stopped, at least with the idea of creativity. Thinking further. Imagine if with ufo will come new creatures ... which scenarios would open. From this idea my works are born, good or wrong that it is ". Master Antonio Saporito

Antonio Saporito, Space Project and flying saucer, 2016

Antonio Saporito, Space Project and flying saucer, 2016. June 2018, Biblioteca Nazionale of Turin

A path linked essentially to matter in space

On June 2018, at the National Library of Turin, in Piazza Carlo Alberto 3, there was a large anthological exhibition dedicated to the entire artistic journey of Antonio Saporito, an important contemporary artist who was a student of the great Lucio Fontana.

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The indisputable artistic personality of Antonio Saporito

“Substantially, Saporito formulates the poetics of a new spatialism understood as a fusion of subjectivity and objectivity that often makes use of the reiteration of the image ordered with precision in space. Saporito aspires to the universal and his spatialism is closely related to the absolute formal invention.”


“Referring in part to the guidelines of Constructionism, Saporito explores the space of his metal sheets, assigning precise geometrical shapes to them, not alluding to anything in particular other than their own evidence of being”


“In his visual experimentation appears imprinted to a severity that seems to leave no space for fantasy, in reality this artist expresses emotions and thoughts that become signs and substance. “


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Geometric abstraction, 2009, steel and collage on masonite, 44x94 cm, b-n archive 155

Geometric abstraction, 2009, steel and collage on masonite, 44x94 cm, b-n archive 155

Saporito's research of geometric space is projected more and more in the search of beyond, what we have in front of us. With right among the spatialists, Antonio Saporito referred to great artists like Atanasio Soldati, one of the head figures of the Italian Abstractionism, Matt Moore, Max Bill and others who influenced his youth research.

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Antonio Saporito, abstract painter and sculptor, representative of the contemporary geometric abstraction, inaugurates a new activity to sell online geometric abstract paintings.

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Abstract Art Sculpture for sale. Wood and steel sculptures

If you love abstract sculpture, look wood or steel sculptures on sale directly from the abstract sculpture artist Antonio Saporito.

Modern abstract sculptures for interiors, free-standing, various materials and metals, steel, bronze, stone. Carob wood sculptures, with their color, express the whole Southern beauty of Italy.

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Exhibitions in Italy and in the world

Space Ideas And Steel Mutations, Biblioteca Nazionale Of Turin

Saporito has exhibited both in Italy and foreign countries, in prestigious museums, institutes of culture, events and galleries in the world, since 1992. Among the most representative we have: Arte Fiera Padova, Arte Fiera Palermo, Arte Fiera Genova, Arte Fiera Milano, Miarte, Artissima Torino; together with several European exhibitions: Paris, Vienna, Barcelona and Berlin.