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The spatial sculpture Planet Mars by Master Antonio Saporito

On Wednesday 21 November 2018 with the Mayor of Alessandria Gianfranco Cuttica di Revigliasco and the President of the Cassa di Risparmio of Alessandria Foundation Pier Angelo Taverna, was inaugurated the installation of the imposing spatial sculpture of  master Antonio Saporito, placed in Parco Italia, near the Meier Bridge in Alessandria.

Pianeta Marte Planet Mars, aluminum and steel, 6 meters x 2,  a sculpture installation artworks of Antonio Saporito's spatialism that was made available for the City of Alessandria from the Cassa di Risparmio di Alessandria Foundation on the occasion of the celebrations for the 850th anniversary of the City (1168-2018) and now is part of the "skyline" of the Meier bridge, another work of a great architect gave prestige to the territory of Alessandria.

The "space" that Antonio Saporito intends and wants to represent

Planet Mars Meier bridge, Alessandria
Above all, it will be a case or a sign, just a few days after the inauguration, Mars was actually conquered by the European Space Shuttle, which lands on the ground of Mars to make us discover what are its characteristics and its secrets.
Planet Mars, The "space" that Antonio Saporito intends and wants to represent

A planet Mars blue, with 4 satellites, the idea of the beyond and the search for space, as an unknowable place, always to be discovered. This is precisely what the research of space and spatialism of Master Saporito refers to.

Even the place where the sculpture was placed is to be considered as a particular space: near a river, next to a bridge.

"A position where one passes from one space to another.The river, watching the water that flows silently, takes away the thoughts of everyone, looking for something we do not see." These are the considerations of Maestro Antonio Saporito.

Planet Mars Meier bridge, Alessandria

Planet Mars for the 850th’ anniversary of the City (1168-2018)

The spatial sculpture "The Planet Mars" was made available to the City of Alexandria by the Cassa di Risparmio di Alessandria Foundation, on the occasion of the celebrations for the 850th anniversary of the City (1168-2018). It is 6 meters high and is placed on a base of 2 meters in diameter. The dimensions of this spatial sculpture are truly remarkable and its location is destined to profoundly change the overall view of the Meier Bridge in Alessandria.

Planet Mars 21 novembre 2018 sculpture installation artworks of Antonio Saporito's spatialism

Perfect geometric abstraction, with calibrated volumes of the mass between empty and full

Giorgia Cassini, Antonio Saporito, Planet Mars Meier bridge, Alessandria
At the inauguration of the spatial sculpture Planet Mars, located at the Parco Italia, near the Meier bridge was Dr. Giorgia Cassini art critic who had already introduced, during a past Contemporay Artists transmission, the prototype of the work and the future location of this at the Maier Bridge.

"A significant work, rewarding for the ascending nature, facing upwards, towards the cosmic space. Built in steel, the result of pure geometric abstraction, it represents a play between mass, voids and volumes, iconographic model of the entire production of the master Saporito, painter, constructivist sculptor. "

Antonio Saporito's spatialism

Prototype for installation with globe 2005 aluminum h 90 cm

Prototype for installation with globe, 2005, aluminum, h 90 cm

The sculpture was conceived, in his original prototype in 2005 and is published in the catalog Mondadori 2012. It is a steel and aluminum structure: a representation of the planet Mars with four satellites, to realize the charm of Antonio Saporito for spatialism, the space art, the idea of the beyond and the search for space.

The spatial sculpture inaugurated in Alessandria on Wednesday 21 November, was already the subject of a preview presentation in one of the episodes of the cultural transmission "Contemporary Artists", conceived by the organizer of art events Paolo Vassallo , visible on Sky throughout Italy and in other countries.

During the television program Antonio Saporito - interviewed by art critic Giorgia Cassini, former director of the Italian pavilion at the Venice Biennale (and who was present at the inauguration) and by the actress Loredana Sileo - explained that the work was made available to the City by the Cassa di Risparmio di Alessandria Foundation and also illustrated the peculiarities of this impressive creative work entitled "The Planet Mars".

The quote to Lucio Fontana

The quote to Lucio Fontana here is inevitable. Antonio Saporito was a student of the great Lucio Fontana. And the accent on the absolute originality of maestro Saporito is equally inevitable: "They are architectures, a space dedicated to contemporary sculpture. Steel, Color, Shape, I try to create in the interaction between different reflective forms, a sort of tension and mutual comparison. Steel Sculpture, shapes and colors that are the space, almost unique in its ecclesial dimension. They find a new identity according to where they are located and how the light and reflection of those who mirror themselves changes. Precise cuts, glossy surfaces, a container-content made of expressive languages, empty and full, everything is research as a way of acting and thinking, as a strong visionary instance, accompanied by an equally strong capacity for realization. This is a project - Antonio Saporito once again - that will mark my future in the world of abstract geometric art on spatialism".

Antonio Saporito's charm for spatialism

The rigor and the essence that convey the works of Antonio Saporito become elements to transcend reality, to look and scrutinize what exists behind the appearance, the continuous search of the unknowable, of the future, of the unacherable mystery of man.

"I say: to move forward you can not look only before your feet. To progress we must create and look forward. " 

The dimensions of the work are truly remarkable and therefore its location is bound to profoundly change the overall view of the Meier Bridge.

"Man and history have never stopped, at least with the idea of creativity. Thinking further. Imagine if with ufo will come new creatures ... which scenarios would open. From this idea my works are born, good or wrong that it is ".

Master Antonio Saporito